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Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light

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Product Description


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light is designed to remain operational in hazardous environments that contain combustible dust. In these situations, traditional emergency lights would ignite the flammable materials and possibly cause an explosion. Fixtures like this are commonly installed in oil refineries, paint shops, chemical plants, and any other facility that uses or stores flammable particles. The Class 2 Division 2 name comes form the NEC's rating system that defines class according to what type of materials it will be exposed to and division by the operating conditions. Class 2 is rated for flammable dust, while division 2 is rated for use in abnormal operating conditions, like a spill or leak. 

The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light is housed by an impact resistant fiberglass that is designed to keep internal electrical components safe from hazardous elements. It also uses stainless steel external hardware for increased durability. Two PAR 36 halogen lamps are mounted on the top of the unit and powered by a lead calcium battery. This battery will provide at least 90 minutes of emergency illumination when AC power is cut. This fixture comes standard with a push button battery testing system, but a self testing option is available. This feature automatically runs a test every month and year to comply with OSHA regulations. 


  • Advanced housing protects internal components from flammable materials
  • Lead calcium battery powers the fixture for 90 minutes
  • Fiberglass housing and stainless steel external hardware seal the fixture
  • UL 844 and 924 listed
  • Three year electronics warranty and one full year with four years prorated warranty


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light is intended for use in environments that contain flammable dust particles during abnormal conditions. Abnormal conditions are, for example, spills or leaks.

External Specifications

The impact resistant fiberglass housing makes this fixture safe for use in hazardous locations. It also features stainless steel external hardware for added security. Two top-mounted PAR 36 halogen lamp heads provide bright and clear illumination. They are available in a number of wattage configurations. The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light also features a viewing window to monitor the AC indicator, voltmeter, and ammeter.

Internal Specifications

Like many other emergency lights, the Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light uses 120V or 277V AC connection to power and charge the fixture. Standard battery features include surge protection, brownout protection, and AC lockout. 

Lamp Specifications

Two top-mounted PAR 36 halogen lamps provide brilliant illumination in the case of a power outage. They are fully adjustable and come in a variety of wattages to meet almost any lighting need. It is possible to have as many as three lamp heads, or as many as zero. With zero heads this unit could be connected to multiple remote heads for unique lighting applications.


The standard 6 volt 25 watt sealed lead calcium battery will provide 90 minutes of emergency illumination. This battery charges in 24 hours and is available in higher capacity models to extend emergency run time.


These options can be added by calling us at 800-480-0707.

  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery: a compact battery that will provide about 5 to 7 years of use.
  • Self-testing system: takes manual testing out of the equation by running automatic tests every month and year
  • Voltmeter: shows the battery's voltage level
  • Ammeter: shows the emergency light's power consumption


The durable housing uses advanced materials to provide protection against moderate abuse while sealing out flammable materials.


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light provides reliable emergency light while fully rated for operation in hazardous environments.


This fixture has a variety of applications, making it a great value.


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light is back mountable to nonflammable surfaces.

Warranty Information

Three years full electronics, one year and four prorated lead calcium, five years and five prorated nickel-cadmium battery.

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