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How To Install Emergency Lights

Emergency Light Installation

Properly installing emergency lights is not only required by building codes, but it is also necessary to ensure occupants' safety during evacuations in the case of a power outage. Although emergency lights use battery packs for power, an electrical connection is required to charge the battery. 

All emergency lights use 120V or 277V AC connections to power the fixture and charge the internal battery. For proper emergency light installation, they must be hardwired to the building's electrical system.

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All emergency lights that we offer come with installation instructions to make setting up the fixture as easy as possible. Before installing the emergency light, turn the circuit to the off position to ensure the electrical components are not damaged during the process. 

To connect the emergency light to AC power, either two or three connections will need to be made to the building's electrical system. A proper connection is imperative. If improperly connected, the emergency light's transformer and circuit board can be damaged past the point of no return. 

The first step to correctly install the emergency light is to identify the electrical voltage as either a 120V or 277V connection. Depending on the fixture that is being installed, there will be three or four differently colored wires:

  • Black: 120V
  • Red: 277V
  • White: common wire
  • Green: ground wire (not included on all fixtures)
Use either the black or red wire (depending on the appropriate voltage) and the white wire to connect the electrical conduit. If the fixture has one, connect the green ground wire. It is very important that you do not connect both the red and black wires simultaneously - this will render the fixture inoperable.
Once the proper wires are connected, power the circuit and allow the backup battery pack to fully charge for 24 hours. Once charged for a full day, the battery will provide 90 minutes of emergency illumination.
If you have any additional questions or need help with installation, please email us or call 800-480-0707 to talk with our friendly and knowledgeable support staff.

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