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Heavy Duty Emergency Lights

Types of Heavy-Duty Emergency Lights and Applications

“Heavy-duty” doesn't just describe the after-affects of dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It is a term often used in the emergency lighting industry, though not always in the proper context. Let's look at what is considered a heavy duty emergency light.

  • Normal-duty lights (anything that doesn’t say “heavy-duty”) - applicable to offices, conference rooms, entryways, and corridors.
  • Heavy-duty lights - meant for manufacturing, warehouse, industrial and exterior applications.

Heavy-Duty Emergency Light Types

The following fixtures are typical of our heavy-duty category of lights:

  • Steel emergency lights – these lights are built with 20-gauge steel housings that are given a white baked enamel powder coating which protects the unit from corrosion. The main reason for such a strong case is to repel damage caused by worker accidents, forklift impact and inclement weather, protecting the vital internal electronics. Standard lights are thermoplastic Par36 incandescent lamp heads that may be swapped out for higher or lower intensities.


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  • Wet Location emergency lights – when your lighting unit is exposed to long durations of weather, especially snow and rain. Made of fiberglass with a clear epoxy finish and sealed with dense gaskets, these units are completely sealed to protect internal circuitry from all outside moisture. They are also corrosion-resistant, meaning they will not rust or degrade over the years.


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  • Industrial emergency lights – When your environment is under regular duress from extreme weather, such as blizzards or monsoons, these units offer the upmost protection over wet location models. Industrials are NEMA 4X rated, which means they have been individually tested at NEMA laboratories before earning their all-weather rating. These are the only units that can be used in the coldest outdoor climates in the U.S. and Canada, as they have an optional battery heater which prevents the cell from rupturing when the mercury drops below 20° fahrenheit.


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  • Hazardous location emergency lights – Often classified with a Class and Division category denoting what hazards they are applicable to, these lights are built with hardened copper-free cast aluminum housings. Also known as 'explosionproof lights', these units are hermetically sealed to prevent combustible gases and dust from entering the circuitry, which could spark a fire. 



If you need a heavy duty emergency lighting fixture, but still don't know which to get, give our lighting geeks a call toll-free at 800-480-0707 or shoot us over an email. Here at Emergency Light Depot, selling lights and exit signs is only half of what we do; we are problem-solvers as well. 

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