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Fluorescent Emergency Lighting


Normally, any facility or business is required to have two separate lights installed to allow personnel to travel safely throughout the building. General lighting accomplishes this during normal working hours when the AC electricity flows uninterrupted through the facility.

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However, when AC power is interrupted, these lights will fail and plunge the building into total darkness. To counter this you must also have sufficient emergency lighting units installed. Required by OSHA, UL and every building and fire code across the country, emergency lights must illuminate for at least 90 minutes on battery power.

But there is a way to avoid paying for both units: combine them! Most buildings use fluorescent lights extensively due to their zero-profile, cool-temperature bulbs and relatively low power usage. Adding an emergency ballast and some additional protection will make these lights fully-functional during a power outage.

Finding the Right Fluorescent Emergency Lighting

Not all fluorescent lights are emergency-capable, but we carry a number of models to fit wide range of applications. To get the best idea which of these fixtures is right for your business, call us toll-free at 800-607-5355. You can also email the sales staff to get a quote or ask more detailed queries.

AC/Emergency Fluorescents

Every FL fixture we carry will be classified as one of the following:

AC Only - These have no backup ballast. These are typically what would be considered "normal" fluorescent lights. However they can be attached to a remote emergency battery inverter or generator to be a fully-functional backup light.

AC/Emergency - These lights have an emergency ballast integrated into the housing. Essentially a NiCad or sealed lead acid battery that is charged by the light's AC feed during normal operations. It will power the light for at least 90 minutes independent of any external power source.

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Lamp Types

Another advantage to outfitting your building with fluorescent emergency lights is they are available in all major fluorescent tubes.

We currently carry the following tubes:

  • T5
  • T5HO
  • T8


You can order standard 2-bank (two tubes) or single-bank fixtures. You may also choose to have a standard indoor model or a wet location-rated one. Make sure to specify whether you want a 2-foot or 4-foot length.

Secure Checkout Emergency Lights

Over the years, we have developed a secure checkout solution for quality emergency lighting and exit sign solutions.


Call us today to ask a question, place an order, and request a quote or invoice. You can reach us at our toll free number:

(800) 607-5355

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